Potential Clients

To all those who call us about potentially working with us to win Stevie and EY awards and other awards, we are compiling a list  of our Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie wins so you can see what we’ve done. It’s quite a massive undertaking because we win on behalf of our clients all the time.

A few things before you call us for a ten-minute consultation:

We only work with companies that we believe can win.

Our additional marketing services so often requested by potential clients are only available to our awards clients.

We work with a limited number of companies each year and that’s it. We are sold out for 2020 awards where we can waive the entry fees to make it more affordable for you. We apologize for that and encourage you to sign up by September of next year for the following year.

We are open for 2021 and welcome your interest in our maximizing your chances of winning.  

Our focus is on winning, period. We are here to help you win.

We are the only company located in the country that does awards full-time – versus agencies that do other things and then do an award here and there; We are all awards all the time and know that makes all the difference in the world.

Yes, we do all kinds of awards. And, yes, we particularly support businesses doing innovative work who are interested in winning the top business awards in the country and the world. We are huge fans of the Stevies and EY, for instance. Our results to date have been spectacular.

If you want to wait until the list goes up, fine; if not send us a contact page request for a ten-minute consultation with one of our awards “geniuses.”

Thanks for your interest.

The Ever Enthusiastic MSC awards team