About Us

Melissa Sones Consulting is a creativity-based consulting company specializing in helping individuals and businesses win awards, primarily the top business awards in the U.S. and outside of it. Founder Melissa Sones has been a leading writer  for many national publications and author of  books for major publishing houses; and a results-oriented public relations specialist with a focus on placing clients in major media only. The germ of the company is simple: years ago Melissa Sones won a major award that changed her life as those that clients win change theirs. When that awards application arrived on her desk, she had one thought: “Oh! This is writing so I’ve got this!” The company’s formula is instinctive and is theirs only and is artistic. The writers who assist with the process are among the best in the country. Melissa Sones Consulting is based on “winnerspotting” – we instinctively know who will win and they work with us. For a free consultation, email us, that is if you are serious about our services.
The philosophy of MSC is simple: we believe we “own” the awards-winning space when it comes to business awards. We have indeed won the Stevie Award for winning the most awards. We also aim to handle the process in its entirety for our clients. We do this because our client base consists of entrepreneurs and CEOs and we know they are busy. We only ask for a simple one-time meeting; and in most cases, that’s it.

Finally, the company was started because Melissa Sones wanted to be around happy clients and only happy clients. That’s what this company has done. And it’s quite a Wonder-full place to be.